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white yacht at sea
white yacht at sea

There are times when you want, or need, a licensed Captain aboard. Whether it's for a party on your boat, to shuttle anchored guests ashore, or another need, we can help. Call us today to discuss your needs.

New to Boating?

We've all been there. The dream of boat ownership has just become real.

Then comes delivery day & you realize that you are not quite as prepared to Captain a boat as you thought.

Many new boat owners struggle with the fear of not really knowing how to operate a boat. Too often, this turns into anxiety instead of the fun you imagined.

We can help! Our new owner familiarization sessions can be tailored to your needs. Whether it's docking, control familiarization, low speed maneuvering, trailering or fueling, we can provide you the knowledge and hands-on experience that you need to begin enjoying your new boat.

New to You?

Changing boats can be intimidating. Whether she's longer, has more beam, twin engines or different equipment, your "new to you" boat can challenge your comfort zone. We've been there and we understand the stresses of moving to a bigger, or different type of boat.

Our new boat familiarization sessions are geared towards providing you pertinent hands-on training, designed around your personal needs.

Vessel Delivery

Our professional Captains & crews are able to deliver vessels along the Atlantic coast and throughout the Chesapeake & Delaware bay areas. We have the experience, training, knowledge and skills to move your boat safely for a reasonable price.

The safety of our customers, our employees and the vessels we are entrusted with are our highest priority at Chesapeake Captain Services LLC.

Please call us to discuss your delivery needs.

Have an Event that Requires a Captain?